Sport Media Ventures

At SM-22 we help business owners to achieve their goals, by offering bespoke business strategy solutions. We are Business Management Consultants specialising in the sport, digital, media and financial sectors, providing unrivalled experience, quick-response support and bespoke assistance to a range of corporate entities. Our team can provide:

“This was a great day. Thank you – but now I am hungry!”

- Diego Maradona

“Jon Smith and Victoria Charlton’s organisation is professional and well presented. Our speaking engagements were very well managed. Thank you”

- Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev

I absolutely adored reading your biography The Deal, ‘so clever and full of great stories.

- Jilly Cooper

Jon has had many challenges in his life, but like in his professional career, he has always fought hard, kept strong and showed the world that he is a winner.

- Arsene Wenger

Jon was a huge success during his recent visit to speak with academics at the University in East London, Jon has vast experience in the Business of Sport and has a wonderful way in sharing his knowledge through some incredible real life stories. His charismatic personality is balanced nicely with his ability to interact quite naturally with the audience.

- Arfan Akram (University of East London)

Jon Smith knows the business of football like no-one else.

- GQ Magazine

Our aim is to provide immediate help and bespoke strategy consulting to entrepreneurs and businesses throughout the UK. The SM-22 team provide targeted support, offering a range of solutions from Contract Negotiations, to network introductions in the world of sports. Together, our business management consultants create an environment of collaboration that can be utilised to bring together the unique qualities, connections and expertise of each of the companies we work with. SM-22 are capitalised to support corporate business lending in line with our lending strategy. We pride ourselves on not just investing capital with our clients but also providing them with the tools to take their success to another level.

Each Sports and Media Venture investor has a profile that brings an individual specialism and their own unique benefits. We provide opportunities to suit each individual business and investor including ultra high-net-worth-individuals, family offices and larger corporate debt funds. This all forms part of our pipeline of possibilities which stakeholders across our network can access.

A strict loan process is carried out to validate direct lending opportunities. SM-22 cares about all our stakeholders and we treat all parties fairly and equally. We believe in the values of conscious capitalism and are determined to deliver positive outcomes for all who choose to work with us.

The cost of COVID-19 to Businesses

Prior to 2020, the digital, culture, media and sport industry contributed £224.1 billion (11.7%) to the UK economy. Sporting events, cinemas, music outlets and more have been devastated in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. Livelihoods and long-standing enterprises are unstable and searching for trusted support. SM-22 are a lifeline to help businesses, not only offering direct lending but also allowing them to utilise our management expertise, strategy and vast network.

Pre COVID-19, the digital, culture, media and sport (DCMS) industry (excluding tourism) contributed


to the UK, accounting for


of the economy
as a whole.1

1 Source - UK Government Department for Sport, Media & Culture (DCMS) 2018 report

Figures quoted are GVA – Gross Value Added = GDP + Subsidies – Taxes

GVA figures published in this report are subject to change when UK Government National Accounts are published in 2020

What SM-22 can offer you

Every business has faced challenges along the way. Our business management consultants aim to develop, grow and maintain their unique professional networks, to help others on their journey to success and prosperity. This is achieved by constructively and collaboratively building value drivers and planning for profitable exit, whilst working with integrity, and honest, transparent processes.

  • Targeted Capital Support through Direct Business Lending
  • An extensive network of complementary relationships in your industry to help grow your reputation and deliver unique new business development opportunities
  • Restoring and enhancing your strategic vision for a better future
  • The ability to position yourself for a medium-term exit
  • With our targeted debt support we can provide equity upside immediately or over the medium term
  • Protect downside risk through 1st rank security over assets and/or future cash flows