Board Representation

The SM-22 Directors are able to support all size organisations with experienced Board Representation. This can cover the building of internal structure and external negotiations. 

It’s the responsibility of the board to represent shareholders as a governing body, an essential function for public companies featuring internal and external members. SM-22 will help compose an experienced board of high calibre individuals that will confidently drive your business forward.

From setting policies for corporate management to overseeing shareholders’ interest, they also make decisions on finance issues such as payouts, executive compensation and dividend policies. The role of your board is to be independent and impartial, whilst looking out for the companies’ best interests.   

Benefit from experienced board representation

Our experience in the world of sports and media is truly unrivalled. From representing the most elite sports athletes and personalities, to public sports clubs, external talent agencies, fan sites and production companies. As well as providing businesses with direct board representation, we can also advise on how to bring together a strong board for the best each outcome, including exit strategies and sales plans.

By bringing together our collective expertise working with high-profile clients, SM-22 are perfectly positioned to formulate a board function that operates efficiently and effectively. Our invaluable knowledge of the sports and media industry allows us to be answerable to a company for its actions, whilst encouraging business leaders to take on the day-to-day operation of the company. We’re also on hand to assist with short-term issues and long-term trends which the business needs to forecast for.

Working with SM-22 will ensure that your vision is on track and your values run seamlessly through the board of representatives as part of your long term strategy.

For more information please Get in touch with the team to discuss how your business could benefit.