Business Networking

Benefit from an extensive network of business professionals in the world of sports, media and finance.

Business networking events can be overwhelming. Not just physically, but getting time with the right people can be challenging. By engaging with SM-22 we can leverage our own professional relationships throughout the world of sports and media.

What is business networking? 

Our business networking service allows business owners to meet other valuable connections in the sports, media and financial industries. With a wide network of business owners and directors, as well as access to many suppliers and brands, SM-22 can help you meet the right professionals to grow your business.

The difference between our service and traditional business networking events, is the pre-existing relationships we have within the world of sports media. The value of a referral bears weight in business, where the value of traditional networking groups can vary from one organisation to the next.

One of the most common questions we hear from new clients is: “Should I try business networking groups?” Well, the value of any networking group is only established once you understand what it is you want/need from the group and whether that group can deliver it. The issue with this strategy is you might not know until attending a few events, which can be months apart. At SM-22, we help you build the connections you need within your industry, using our own personal networks. This is achieved through our team taking the time to truly understand your business aims and needs. We’ll help direct you to people and fellow businesses whom you can benefit from and also provide advice on how best to make the most of networking.

How can our business networking help you?

  • Build up a business network of people you can benefit from
  • Leading advice and insights into how to grow your company and maximise opportunities available to you through networking
  • Broaden your business horizons with introductions to our expansive business network
  • Professional and in-depth analysis from experienced professionals in your industry