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Connected Fanatics

Connected Fanatics is redefining the value of merchandise for a generation of hyper-connected and environmentally and socially aware fans.


Who Are Connected Fanatics?

Redefining merchandise for a generation of hyper-connected, socially and environmentally aware fans, Connected Fanatics are revolutionising what it means to be a sports fan.  Connected Fanatics turn merchandise into a digital access point to offer fans an authenticated product through digital access, which is exclusive to their loyal community.  The team seeks to facilitate a new world of connected business models through meaningful and valuable digital fan relationships.


Connected Fanatics leveraged the services of SM-22 in a variety of ways. SM-22 supported the integration of two business divisions, provided board support, strategy advice, located capital for development and will introduce new clients. Looking to scale further, SM22 is helping to introduce new capital via additional network connections, whilst supporting the group with long term business strategy.

A  well executed project, supported by exceptional  lawyers, accountants and advisors, we took the business from a standing start to winning new contracts with more exciting opportunities ahead.

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Posted on 21/10/2021

By James Sheehan

"Through our esteemed connections we were able to open doors for Connected Fanatics with the likes of Rangers Football Club, Scottish Premier League and the English Premier League - plus looking at other global franchises too."

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