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An exciting fast growing data-based marketing company, Halfspace provides data insights and creative solutions for the sport and entertainment industries.


Who are Halfspace?

Halfspace is an agency focused around analysing audience data, which then uses the data to help the stakeholders grow. The team is made up of marketeers analysts, filmmakers and strategists. Their dynamic range of services is designed to target audiences at scale through media production, brand strategy, content analysis and influencer auditing. Working with clients including Eurosport, Harlequins, The National League, William Hill and Harley Davidson, Halfspace demonstrates an exceptional and growing customer base. 


SM-22 developed a clear roadmap to increase revenues and margins though organic growth, also coordinating the acquisition activities. SM-22 identified how to get the best value and help the team grow through the amalgamation of businesses and enhanced efficiencies

This was achieved with our vast network and high-level connections through board support to enable them to reach their target. To complement this, SM-22 developed a thorough business plan encompassing the roadmap to acquisition and business development.

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Posted on 14/10/2021

By James Sheehan

“We are proud of our esteemed experience of business structuring within the sporting industry,” said James from SM-22. “We were also able to make significant introductions into our City-based network to support Halfspace's growth in their endeavours, as well as open doors through the Chairman’s experience within the sports sphere to develop new business opportunities."

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