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Terra Virtua

Tera Virtua allows for a truly immersive collectible platform across mobile, AR and VR through a unique social, gaming and creative experience which is enabled by blockchain.

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Who are Terra Virtua?

Having developed a truly immersive and interactive collectible platform across mobile, AR and VR, Terra Virtua have taken the digital sporting sphere to another level. Through a unique social gaming experience enabled through blockchain, users can create their own personalised ‘Fancave’ to express and support their passions at the palm of their hand.

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In the next stage of development, Terra sought to expand their rights and opportunities to develop new NFT products in the sporting arena.

Through SM-22’s network of large franchises, sporting rights holders and federations including the Premier League, Queensbury Boxing, the Ryder Cup, IPL, Australian football and the ECB we were able to advise Terra on the structure of sports rights, and how this can be integrated with their technology.

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Despite it being a new technology, we have been able to map out how to bring the product to market, so that it could be sold and developed into a tangible asset to propel into the marketplace and a potential new global revenue stream for sport. Complementing their network in the TV and music industry, we are collaborating to develop a world-leading NFT offering.  In support, we have modelled the financial impacts of rights development and technology integration, whilst negotiating contracts with the key stakeholders.

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Posted on 13/10/2021

By Jon Smith

“SM-22 have by far exceeded any expectations regarding sporting access connections. Our network is so vast that we actually surprised TV management just how quickly and how high up we were able to make connections and present pitches.”

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