Why Connect?

With a vast network and abundance of opportunities, SM22 provides a competitive and compelling associate to collaborate with. Decades of experience in the sport, digital, media and financial sectors have seen our team close many successful deals.

The long-standing relationships we have built across industry make SM22 an attractive proposition backed by an existing shareholder structure with Debt funding available to deploy.

Our Aim

Our expert team has a nexus that spans decades of significant clients and showcases the talented and trusted nature of the company. We provide a platform to increase the performance of businesses, bridging the gap of small and medium enterprises with proven revenue streams in what is a volatile economic environment. SM22 understands that the current climate is tough. We’re here to provide a boost to companies that require liquidity to overcome short-term cash flow constraints using our internal capital we can assist with debt funding.

Partnership with companies experiencing disruption and work towards restoring their strategic vision and in doing so create value that may otherwise
be forfeited.

Access to opportunities and intelligence to identify, evaluate and support companies through these unprecedented times.