Contract Negotiation

When it comes to contract negotiation the SM-22 team are experienced leaders in the sports and media fields, having worked with numerous high-profile clients to achieve the best outcome for them. The legal process of coming to an agreement by a number of parties can be a testing time. Everyone wants favourable terms in the offering whilst also reducing the amount of financial, operational and legal risk on the table.

The sports and media industries are renowned for record breaking numbers, with large contract deals associated with large names of talent looking for new opportunities. Director of SM-22, Jon Smith OBE, is known as the original ‘super-agent’ and one of the UK’s well-known sport influencers. His historical career as the agent for the England national football team is so impressive that his development of the team is still used as a vehicle for the Football Association today. If there is one thing Jon is top of his game with, it’s contract negotiation. His back catalogue of signing superb players makes him one of the best in the business. Alongside the impeccable SM-22 team, we truly go through each contract with a fine-tooth comb to ensure long-term success for you. Whether that’s payment periods, conditions of the contract and other legal matters. We are fully qualified and experienced in all manner of contract negotiation that nothing surprises us. 

SM-22 understands what terms work best for certain situations and the unique ways of producing a contract that external parties won’t say no too. By trusting us as your outsourced contact negotiation consultant you’ll receive a first-class service that is delivered to the highest of standard. 

How does contract negotiation help you?

  • Our long-term experience in successful contract negotiation is renowned throughout the sport and media industry
  • We are qualified in dealing with legalities to secure the best deal for your business
  • Trusted by high-profile clients
  • Professional and in-depth analysis from experienced professionals in your industry