Exit Strategy Planning

Exit strategy planning and valuing your business

Stepping away from your business can be an overwhelming thought, but effective exit strategy planning can help you prepare. The SM-22 team can help you create an effective business exit strategy to financial advice and valuing your company, our exit strategy advisors partner with you to achieve your goals.

We consider the next step of your journey whether that’s taking a step back, setting up a new venture or retiring, to help formulate an exit strategy that works for you.

When planning your exit strategy our team will focus not just on your role as a business owner, but that of any potential investor. That way we can focus on your goals to create an effective exit strategy plan tailored to your needs.

Building a bespoke business exit strategy

There are many ways to leave a business and our exit strategy advisors will help find the right one for you. We have helped dozens of UK businesses and SMEs successfully negotiate Management buyouts, Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), strategic acquisitions and more.

Being approached by external investors is a prosperous moment for any entrepreneur. You might only get one chance at negotiating an exit strategy, so using experienced professionals will help maximise your financial gain.

Equally, if you’re a business owner needing to reduce or liquidate stakes in a company during a challenging time, our team can help negotiate the best outcome for you. If your business needs an exit plan because it is struggling, we will explore opportunities to limit any losses. This can be achieved by introducing external investors or buyers, potentially through the SM-22 network of business professionals.

As well as financial gain, effective exit strategy planning can also help define the stable future of your business. When working with SM-22 you’ll benefit from working with a dedicated team member, with experience in your field. Your advisor will help build a bespoke strategy unique to your circumstances and goals.

How our advisors can help

  • Our dedicated team will devise an exit strategy that is fit for purpose to achieve the best possible outcome for your business
  • SM-22 have years of experience in delivering successful exit plans in the sports and media industries
  • Broaden your business horizons to see what opportunities are available following the success of your exit plan
  • Professional and in depth advice from experienced professionals in your industry

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