New Business Development

The prospect of developing a new business is an exciting one. It’s a time of innovation, ideas and integrating all your skills and experiences into an enterprise that is driven by you and your team. SM-22 are here to pioneer your potential. Specialists in the sports, finance and media sphere our new business development offering encapsulates all our experience and expertise working with high-profile clients over the years. The well-established team at SM-22 have portfolios that showcase how they have taken a business from a seed of an idea into a booming organisation. We provide lead generation for small companies and larger enterprises who trust our highly-regarded reputation in the industry. Business development is about the whole team, not just managers. It takes into account everyone from sales to marketing, HR, accounting, manufacturing and the like, depending on your operational set up. 

Strategic Business Expansion

From business expansion to the growth of sales to increase profit, and opening up opportunities for strategic partnerships, our independent advice is presented as a bespoke package suited to your requirements. To outsource business development with SM-22 not only propels your potential, it opens up new opportunities for business networking too. Building on your qualities and excelling them to customers, outside markets and new relationships. It’s all about development. A roadmap for managers to look at new possibilities to expand and build on the company’s current sources of revenue. 

How can we help develop your business?

  • As leading business consultants in sports, media and technology we will help develop your company to its full potential 
  • We will build a roadmap for success that incorporates your entire team 
  • Broaden your business horizons with introductions to our expansive business network and insights into business development
  • Professional and in-depth advice from experienced professionals in your industry