The technology sector is constantly evolving. Our technology experts have the knowledge and experience you need to stay ahead of the curve and grow your business.


The Technology Industry

The UK’s technology industry has grown tenfold over the past ten years. As reported by City AM, the number of British unicorns, private technology businesses that have been valued at more than $1bn, grew from 8 to 81 between 2010 and 2020.


How we work in the Technology Sector

SM-22 has a corporate lending and advisory service built on high-level expertise and exceptional connections. Offering a range of services including direct lending, business networking and strategic consultancy, our experts work with businesses in the technology sector to drive business growth. Long-standing industry connections allow us to open the doors to sponsorship, investment and positive branding opportunities for our technology clients.

Our expertise has been developed through decades of experience, successful negotiations and world-renowned relationships within our respective industries. Supporting industry start ups, as well as more established businesses in the technology sector, SM-22’s experts offer technology insight, knowledge and connections to its clients for excellent results.

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The value of the UK tech startup and scaleup ecosystem

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UK tech VC investment is ranked third in the world, hitting a record high of £11bn in 2020


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