An exceptional service offering to grow your business


Business Lending

A successful business lending application can be vital to achieve efficiency and scale. However, the business lending market and capital raising process can be notoriously difficult to navigate. The market is flooded with lending providers, so how do you know which opportunity is right for your business? The SM-22 team has exceptional knowledge in this market, offering tailored funding packages to maximise value growth for your business.

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Strategy Consulting

The key to an effective strategy is a dynamic plan incorporating the core competencies of your business, accounting for market challenges and the broader competitive environment. As specialists in the sports, technology and finance industries, SM-22 understands how best to build a strategy for growth. Our team of high-level board members, financiers and strategy consultants offer an unrivalled service in this space.

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New Business Development

Services that cannot be offered by traditional consultancies, SM-22 are experts in early business development. From operations implementation, to long term growth plans, our independent advice is presented as a bespoke package tailored to your business requirements.

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Business Networking

Business networking events can be expensive and inefficient. The SM-22 network includes some of the top names in sport, media and technology. By engaging with SM-22 we can leverage these relationships to offer new avenues for revenue growth, business synergies and advisory services.

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Contract Negotiation

During the legal process, it is vital to reduce financial, operational and legal risk to our clients. SM-22 are experts in the field of contract negotiation and have worked with numerous high-profile clients to achieve exceptional outcomes.

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Board Representation

Whether you’re a private company, public company, or non-profit organisation, constructing an effective leadership board can be challenging. SM-22 can support you in this process, helping you to enlist a board of high-calibre individuals to best suit the interests of your business, both in its day-to-day operations and long term trajectory.

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Exit Strategy Planning

Business exits can be an interesting and prosperous moment when your hard work is ready to be rewarded with an ownership change and financial windfall. Conversely, when a business owner needs to reduce or sell their stake in a company during a challenging time, this can be achieved through divestment or liquidation. This is where a business exit strategy comes into play. SM-22 has decades of experience in supporting business leaders in both trajectories.

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