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Board Representation

SM-22 will help your business develop an insightful and collaborative board of Directors.


It’s the responsibility of the board to represent shareholders as a governing body, essential for public companies featuring internal and external members. From setting policies for corporate management, to overseeing shareholders’ interest, making decisions on financial issues such as payouts, executive compensation and dividend policies, effective board representation is critical for the success of any business.

With our experience in working alongside companies ranging from public sports clubs, talent agencies, fan sites and production companies, our knowledge of the industry is unrivalled. By bringing together our collective expertise working with high-profile clients, SM-22 understands how a board should function effectively.

In constructing a board, SM-22 can offer analysis and recommendations over a proposed member, or offer representatives from our network. In both cases, we will ensure the board generates the most value for your business, for short-term adjustments and long-term trajectory.


How can we help?

  • Through experience in advising companies and forming boards, SM-22 understand what makes a strong board of representatives drive a successful business forward
  • We provide leading individuals from the sports, media, technology and finance industries to be representatives of your board
  • SM-22 can also analyse and evaluate candidates you have been recommended
  • Provide support and ongoing advisory services to support your business growth in the long-term
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