Strategy Consulting

As specialists in the sports, technology and finance industries, SM-22 understands how to build an exceptional growth strategy.


Our team of high-level board members, financiers and strategy consultants offer an unrivalled service in this space.

The key to an effective strategy is a dynamic plan incorporating the core competencies of your business, accounting for market challenges and the broader competitive environment.

Our knowledge is unrivalled when it comes to producing a tailored plan. We engage with business leaders to look at their short and long-term perspectives, evaluating how best to achieve these goals together. During these volatile times, our experience across sectors is vital. Our experience ensures that your business strategy takes into consideration all potential factors for the best and worst-case scenario, planning ahead to circumvent these risks.

We don’t just produce a standardised strategy. We’ll provide you with a personal representative who will listen, analyse and assess the direction of the business and how we can achieve this. Future markets may look different to the current ones, and it’s time to put our joint passion together for success.


How can we help?

  • Personalised business strategy consulting for the sports, technology and media industries
  • Looking at all potential challenges along the way, we will devise a future-proof plan for the best and worst-case scenarios
  • Exceptional research and market analysis to support our recommendations
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