Business is tough and delivering on capital funding is even more testing.

By collaborating with SM22 you’re working alongside seasoned professionals that you can trust. We partner with competent companies that have suffered acute disruption and are in need of support. Our unrivalled offering can provide both financial gain and also unlock doors to new networking opportunities – making us a unique option thanks to our esteemed team of experts.

Our portfolio of work includes:

Public Sports Clubs
Sports and Talent Agencies
Sports Video Production Companies
Fan sites and social media platforms
Fan TV
Independent Production Companies
Digital Agencies
Technology platforms

SM22 creates strategies to build towards a successful outcome. We work with established businesses who are in need of a boost, and do so by providing specialist services in the following areas:

Who We Work With

We are selective with the small and medium-sized enterprises that we work with. Ensuring that our clientele are receiving the best possible support from specialists within our team. When discussing the solutions SM22 can offer you, our Direct Lending screening process is your opportunity to showcase a successful track record within your field.

It will also identify that you can offer long-term potential and by engaging with SM22 both parties can benefit from each other’s core strengths.

*Screening policy applies to all Corporate Lending assessments. All Direct Investment will be secured against underlying company assets/contractual revenue streams and will be subject to an appointed Security Trustee.