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Business Consultants aid clients with strategic decision making, leveraging expert knowledge to help the business towards growth and profitability. The process of consulting utilities research, analysis and high-level expertise to formulate business decisions to accelerate the growth/profitability of a client. The business strategy is then implemented in conjunction with the business leaders, known as ‘execution’. SM-22 has significant expertise in this area, with former business consultants from blue-chip global consulting companies.

A financial advisor is a regulated position within an authorised firm. Consultants tend to be unregulated roles as they sit outside the FCA requirements for selling regulated products. Consultants do not give specific financial advice, they review the company as a whole and can help to introduce potential investors or authorised firms who can assist in the process.

Network introduction is vital for the effective growth of any business. Though internal growth and talent procurement is important, accelerated growth and true scale can only be achieved with a strong network. It is important to bring together experts from different fields in order to scale growth, leveraging differing skillsets. The SM-22 network harnesses the expertise of some of the most well-respected individuals across sport, media and technology. Our network includes: Premier League football club Directors, CEOs in the NFT space, Marketing Executives specialising in sport and media, top level financiers and sports strategy consultants.

A new business development process is used to identify, nurture and develop business opportunities to drive growth and increase margins. At an early stage of company development, this can involve implementing a sales and marketing function, entering strategic partnerships, or developing long-term business plans. SM-22 are experts in helping businesses through the early stages of development and formulating long term growth plans. This expertise is not something that can be garnered from traditional consultancies, but only through experience. The SM-22 team has exceptional knowledge and exposure to the start-up space, offering tailored capital raising or advisory services to your business.

Corporate lending involves the creation of a loan for use in a business environment. There are two main types of loans: bilateral and syndicated. The key difference is the number of lenders involved, bilateral loans have one investor, syndicated loans have multiple. In formulating a loan, it is vital to consider the repayment term, interest costs and the required guarantees. SM-22 has significant experience in loan generation, and will ensure the best terms are negotiated for your company requirements.

SM-22 has an exceptional network across the small/mid cap growth markets, granting unrivalled access to funding across the sport, tech and media industries. SM-22 has deployed over £100m since foundation, testament to the track record of exceptional lending services.

SM-22 has decades of experience in sourcing finance for start-ups. A number of our board members have gone through the process of early stage money raising, going on to help numerous firms raise to their optimal requirements. Our team are exceptionally well placed to help with start-up financing, direct experience in the process is invaluable and cannot be rivalled by most companies.

An exit strategy is a contingency plan that is executed by financial experts to liquidate a position in a financial asset or dispose of tangible business assets once predetermined criteria has been satisfied. An exit strategy is vital to shape the form of the business before liquidation to maximise stakeholder value. SM-22 has decades of expert financial experience to shape this process, offering guidance toward the most appropriate business structure and exit strategy.

An exit strategy involves preparing a business for sale. It is vital to develop a statement of objectives, including pricing, timescale and key terms. An assessment must then be undertaken to value the business and its key assets. The business is them prepared for sale, whilst considering potential business expansion plans post exit. We then analyse the different exit alternatives to best suit your business requirements, whether this be third party sale, management buyout, IPO or liquidation.