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Accelerating the growth of sports, technology and media organisations, SM-22 are experts in supporting business development and facilitating efficient growth through capital raises.



If you are struggling to obtain direct lending for your business, or need consultative support regarding a recent or proposed funding scheme, the SM-22 team are here to help.

At SM-22 we support business owners throughout the world of sports, media and finance, using the extensive knowledge and support of our established board of Directors. Our team have worked with some of the largest names in the world of sports media, from the England national football team, to world-leading player agencies and market leading football fan channels.

Whether you’re looking for direct lending opportunities to increase your research and development spend, to bring in new talent, or to expand your marketing presence, our team will work with you to find the right opportunity for your business through tailored funding.

We have decades of high-level experience in the financial sector, with an exceptional track record of securing capital raises for our clients. Specialising in the world of SMEs, the SM-22 team have successfully deployed in excess of £100m for private and listed companies, in the UK’s small/mid-cap growth market.

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Sports Finance and Direct Lending

Direct lending opportunities are also achievable through SM-22. When it comes to connections, our team has an unrivalled network within the realm of sports, media and technology. These long-standing relationships can help open the doors to investment, sponsorship and unique branding opportunities for our clients.

When discussing the solutions SM-22 can offer you, our direct lending screening process is your opportunity to showcase a successful track record within your field.

Our dedicated sports finance team provides expert guidance on funding options, while helping you to manage your business in accordance with the changing industry regulations.


How can we help?

  • Deploy our own capital into exceptional companies to fuel growth
  • Support to obtain business lending through the SM-22 network
  • Our Sports Finance team can analyse both your funding solution and plan, to ensure it’s the right deal for your business
  • Broaden your business horizons with introductions to our expansive business network
  • Professional and in-depth analysis from experienced professionals in your industry


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