Strategic Consultancy

The key to a strong strategy is putting forward a dynamic plan of action that is striving for success. It takes on board all your future prospects but also takes into account how potential challenges can intervene. As specialists in the sports, technology and media industries, SM-22 understand the core competencies of your organisation and how best to build a strategy for growth. Our portfolio of business strategy consulting is driven by a dedicated team of experts whose experience lies as management consultants. 

Strategic Consultancy Experts

Our knowledge is second to none when it comes to producing a plan that is tailored to you. It’s not a one size fits all solution, we engage business leaders to look at their short and long-term perspective, and evaluate how best to achieve these goals together. During these volatile times, we’ll also challenge your expectations as well. This ensures that your business strategy takes into consideration all potential factors for best and worst case scenario – and develop a solution for how to deal with certain situations. An essential step to make your business competitive, competent and have a comprehensive plan for the years ahead. This is what sets SM-22 apart as a strategic consultancy. 

We don’t just produce a standardised strategy. We’ll provide you with a personal representative who will listen, analyse and assess the direction of the business and how we can achieve this through not one direction, but multiple options. Future markets may look different to the current one, and it’s time to put our joint passion together for a positive outlet of success. SM-22 are with you every step of the way. Once the strategy has been built we’ll assist in monitoring progress and can provide full business development assistance. 

How can Strategic Consultancy help your business?

  • One-to-one business strategy consulting for the sports, technology and media industries
  • We will take on board your aims and ambitions and tailor a strategy for success
  • Looking at all potential challenges along the way, we will devise a future-proof plan for best and worst scenarios 
  • Professional and in-depth insights from experienced professionals in your industry